When God doesn’t move

Faith & trust are held in such tension in our walk with Christ.  On the one hand we ask for anything and it will be granted to us (according to the word).  We stand in faith believing that we have the answer to the request we have made, believing that God’s big enough….that He’s good enough.  And then there’s trust.  When that request is left seemingly unanswered, we trust that His word is true in spite of our experience appearing to have failed the test.  If God were human, we would judge His actions over His words, but He is not human; He is God.  Thus, we turn to His word.  In some cases we just don’t have the capacity to understand the infinite variables at play in the grand scheme.  We are short sited, finite.  So, while it looks like an unanswered promise, we can’t allow that to taint our relationship with God or our perspective of His goodness.  We have to fall back to the word that says, “He works all things for good,” and trust that He is infinitely capable of working it out, but that He is doing so on a much grander scale than we can even imagine.

Have you ever had a first impression that was off?  I remember when my wife first met me.  She thought that I was arrogant and prideful, cocky.  Later she discovered that I was just a high school boy being stupid with his friends (yes, we are high school sweethearts), but that I was really genuine, and genuinely sold out to Jesus.  If there is anything that we learn from these experiences, it’s that we don’t always have the complete picture.  We may not see all of the variables.  We could be wrong.  So when it comes to God, do we really want to put more stock in our ability to assess a situation than we do in God’s ability to keep His word?

Pastor Shawn

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