Cup of Grace

Thoughts that are way too deep this early in the morning: I woke up this morning after a long day yesterday and a fairly sleepless night last night and just didn’t want to face the day.  I was exhausted and wanted to stay in bed and sleep…the rest of the day.  So I said as much to Shawn. He didn’t say “do it, stay in bed all day!”. Instead he simply got up and made me a cup of coffee. It got me thinking, God’s a lot like that. We ask Him to take away something in our life that we don’t want to face, but most of the time He doesn’t take away our circumstances instead He brings us a “cup of coffee” (gives us the grace to walk through the day). His mercies are new every morning! So enjoy your cup of “grace” this morning and know that He’s right beside you and in you and with you.  In every circumstance you face He’s given you the grace to walk through it victoriously. Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Cup of Grace

  1. MariNelle says:

    I’m so glad you shared this! Beautiful, true words that speak strength, yet loving mercy.
    You’re better at this than you think 😊


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